“This Is What I Wanted”: O’Regan Pleased with Structure of Oil and Gas Task Force (Details)

"This Is What I Wanted": O'Regan Pleased with Structure of Oil and Gas Task Force

The Federal Minister of Natural Resources is pleased with how the task force to decide how to spend the $320-million in federal funding for offshore recovery has been structured.

Details of the task force were released earlier this week, including the names of the 21 people who will make it up and the timelines they will be working under.

In terms of those timelines, minister Seamus O’Regan says he will leave it to the province because they are the ones who are “driving this.”

O’Regan does, however, note that getting unions, industry and government working together in short order on a task force such as this is “an amazing thing.”

O’Regan says it is what he wanted, to see the decisions made as close to the ground as possible.


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