The racial justice movement is motivating young Latinos to vote, a poll finds. – (Details)

The racial justice movement is motivating young Latinos to vote, a poll finds.

Protests against racial injustice and the widespread impact of the coronavirus are helping to drive young Latinos to vote this year, according to a new national survey of Latino voters between the ages 18 and 34.

Roughly 56 percent of young Latino voters surveyed by the poll, which was conducted by Telemundo and BuzzFeed News, said they had participated in Black Lives Matter and racial equality protests, either by attending demonstrations or participating in boycotts, and roughly 85 percent said that addressing inequality and systemic racism motivates them to vote in the November election. Nearly three in four young Latino voters said they, their family or friends have been the target of racism over the past two years.

The survey also showed some signs of political disillusionment. When asked to name politicians who “show up” for Latinos, one third of those surveyed answered “nobody.” Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were each named by 6 percent of Latinos surveyed, and three percent named President Trump.

Some 37 percent of young Latinos describe themselves as independent or undecided about their political party affiliation, while half called themselves Democrats and 13 percent identify as Republican. Half of all respondents said their political affiliation differed from their parents’.

The poll found a low level of excitement about the candidates, but that 60 percent of young Latinos said that they would vote for Mr. Biden in the election were held tomorrow, and 19 percent for Mr. Trump.

Roughly 83 percent of those surveyed said the coronavirus pandemic had affected their health and finances and nearly half said they had suffered financially because of job losses or pay cuts. Three-quarters of voters described the 2020 presidential election as more important than the 2016 vote.

The online survey conducted in June and released Thursday included responses from 638 people who identified as Latino and 685 non-Latinos between the ages of 18 and 34.

The racial justice movement is motivating young Latinos to vote, a poll finds. Wire Services/ New York Times.


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