St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church in the Point closed for safety concerns (Details)

St. Gabriel

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Lieffers has been told that major structural repairs to the church likely won’t begin till next spring.

“I don’t know when we’ll be back here,” she said Monday.

“We don’t know what’s happening with our church.  They won’t start fixing it till next spring and we don’t understand why. We have nice weather now. … Anyway, we’ll be out of there for at least nine months to a year.”

She said the church’s sudden closure has affected the congregation, currently between 100 and 150 members.

”Some people are very upset,” she said. “It’s been their church, well, since they were born for some of them. They were baptized here, then later married here, their First Communion and Confirmation. It’s like a second home, almost.”

She said some are wondering “whether it’s worth fixing the building when there are so many things wrong with it.


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