Seniors Advocate says Chief Electoral Officer Was Aware Of Concerns with Vote-By-Mail Process (Details)

Seniors Report Answering Machines and Hang-Ups While Attempting to Apply for Mail-In Ballot says Advocate

(File photo: Dr. Suzanne Brake)

The Seniors’ Advocate has come out swinging on the vote-by-mail process introduced as the result of a COVID outbreak in the midst of a winter provincial election.

Dr. Suzanne Brake was responding to Chief Electoral Officer Bruce Chaulk who suggested that he had not heard from the advocate on concerns expressed by seniors about troubles they were having with the Special Ballot process.

She says many seniors were very concerned about the Special Ballot – introduced once in-person voting was cancelled due to the recent COVID outbreak.

In a statement provided to VOCM News, Brake said many people who reached out to her found the process “complicated as well as technologically focused.”

She says while many seniors were able to navigate the process — including trouble getting through on busy phone lines — others could not.

Many told her they would not be voting as a result.

Brake says Chief Electoral Officer Bruce Chaulk was aware of her concerns, both through written communication and what she calls “numerous media interviews.”


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