Quebec to ban vaping flavours and restrict nicotine content (Reports)


Canada News

QUEBEC — Quebec intends to ban the sale of flavoured vaping cartridges and limit their nicotine content after a public health report warned of a major increase in youth vaping in the province.

“With the growing popularity of vaporization products, especially among young people, it becomes imperative to act to prevent a new generation from becoming addicted to nicotine because of these products,” Health Minister Christian Dubé said Wednesday in a statement.

The public health report, which was released in August, blamed flavour cartridges in part for a surge in vaping among high-schoolers. More than 15,000 flavours are now available on the market, the report stated, including cotton candy, bubble gum and mint.

“Numerous studies show that flavour is the main reason why young people are more inclined to vape,” the public health report noted. “Indeed, flavours, especially sweet ones, and the way they are marketed increases the attractiveness of the product and decreases the perception of health risks.”


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