Protest Calls for Preservation of Railway Coastal Museum (Details)

Protest Calls for Preservation of Railway Coastal Museum

The Railway Coastal Museum was the site of a demonstration today by protesters who seek to preserve it.

A group of about two dozen people gathered outside the Museum over the lunch hour to protest against an announcement by the city last week that they intend on closing it. And with the city staying quiet about future plans for the facility, those in attendance expressed worry over the future of the historic building.

Of particular concern was the lack of consultation before the announcement.

Protestors described the building as “what built this city” and our “real heritage.” They want to see the city pause the process and conduct consultations.

As for what to do with the building, the group says there are a multitude of options for reuse, including empty space on the top floors, that they are urging the city to look at.


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