Police retrieve band’s stolen equipment (Details)


Local two-piece band Mahoney was able to share good news about their stolen equipment on Wednesday.

The band took to Facebook to let fans know that some of their gear had been returned after an investigation by local police.

Medicine Hat Police announced Wednesday that a 31-year-old man was arrested with possession of stolen property over $5,000. The estimated value of the stolen gear was roughly $21,000. A police release states that almost all the equipment has been returned to the band. Since the investigation is ongoing, an identity of the charged suspect has not been released.

“It was a really exciting moment for us,” said band member Trent Roset. “We got a few of the big things back that we had been missing. A lot of the stuff had been picked through and ripped apart. Some of it is broken and some of it can’t be fixed.

“We’re very excited to get some of this stuff back so we can get some of our old sound back.”

Roset says a tip was able to lead police to the suspect.

Roset and bandmate Ryan Massini are thrilled to have their guitars back, as well as pedal boards with expensive and rare pedals.

“We don’t know if the audience noticed when we played, but we noticed a difference in our sound,” said Roset.

The band is still going through the returned gear to determine if things can be saved. The band had a Go Fund Me page set up for it by a friend and has spent some of the money buying new gear since the theft. Since gear has been returned now, Mahoney is working to get people value for their money but doesn’t have a firm plan yet. The band is thinking over different ways of doing that.

“We’ve spent a lot of money at local music stores and we really don’t want to go back to local businesses and ask for money back,” said Roset. “These store owners have really helped us out getting these really specific items for us and even selling some at cost.

“We have ideas on what we’re going to do and we’ll keep people posted.”

Mahoney is playing their first indoor show Friday at Ralph’s. It starts at 9 a.m. and is free. There is limited space because of COVID-19, so it is first come, first served.


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