Owner Faces Huge Vet Bill After Dog Shot by Hunter (Details)

Owner Faces Huge Vet Bill After Dog Shot by Hunter

A hunter in Western Bay has been left searching for answers after he says his dog was shot by another hunter.

Josh Layman says a friend of his was rabbit hunting on Western Bay Line on Friday.

The friend’s dog, Max, was barking and chasing a rabbit when Layman says the dog got close to where another person was moose hunting.

Layman says his friend heard the hunter swearing, and not long after there was a gunshot. He says the hunter took off on his bike, and the dog had a gunshot wound to his ear.

According to Layman, police are investigating, however, because his friend didn’t see the man’s face or what he was driving, there isn’t much information to go on.

The owner is now facing a vet bill of around $1,700. The dog lost a lot of blood, and at one point they weren’t sure if he was going to make it, but Layman says the animal’s ear has been patched up and he will be okay.

A GoFundMe campaign has been started to help pay for the vet bill.


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