Harbour Grace Man Finally Gains Access to Late Spouse’s CN Pension After Nine Years (Details)

Man Locked Out of Deceased Partner's CN Pension Due to Antiquated Same-Sex Laws

After nine long years, and a call to VOCM News that launched a media firestorm, a Harbour Grace man will finally gain access to the pension benefits of his deceased spouse.

Ken Haire was devastated when his partner of 33 years, Gerry Schwarz passed away in 2012.

Schwarz was a real “company man” says Haire and retired from CN Rail in 1991.

Although the couple thought that arrangements had been made to ensure each would be alright if the other passed away, Haire was shocked to learn that he wasn’t recognized as Schwarz’s spouse for the purpose of accessing his pension.

As a result, Haire was forced to sell the home they bought together for their retirement in Haire’s native Harbour Grace.

Haire reached out to VOCM News Tuesday evening confirming that a CN official had contacted him indicating that CN has recognized him as Gerry’s spouse and that he will be getting his pension after all – dating back to Schwarz’s passing and for every month going forward.

“We won” an emotional Haire told VOCM News happily.


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