Decision on Expanding Bubble to French Territory Must Come from Ottawa, say Officials (Details)

NL Could See Economic Benefits if St. Pierre et Miquelon Joins Atlantic Bubble


Provincial officials say any decision to open up to St. Pierre et Miquelon would have to be at the federal level. The French territory recently wrote a letter requesting to join the Atlantic Bubble.

Both Premier Andrew Furey and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Janice Fitzgerald assert it’s a border issue between Canada and France, and that the decision lies solely with Ottawa.

Fitzgerald explains many things must be considered. With regard to the Atlantic Bubble, discussions have been ongoing to make sure border measures remain consistent. She says those discussions would also have to happen with other territories wishing to join.

Furey says if the evidence suggests such a decision would be safe, he will support it. He says if the epidemiology says it’s safe, and public health officials both here and throughout the Atlantic Bubble are in agreement, he would have no issue with it.


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