City Ponders Scope of Pedestrian Mall for Next Year (Details)

City Ponders Scope of Pedestrian Mall for Next Year

It’s a safe bet that the Downtown Pedestrian Mall will be part of the landscape next year but just what it will look like is still up in the air.

The city has finished compiling information, ideas and opinions and will at a future council meeting decide on the scope of the mall.

A section of Water Street was blocked off last summer to allow businesses to expand into the street. Large crowds were attracted to the area.

Councillor Debbie Hanlon, the lead for downtown, says some people would like to see the mall extended to George Street down to Waldegrave. They also heard concerns about blue zone parking.

While there were blue zones, Councilor Hanlon says some felt they were spaced too far apart and too far away from certain areas. They also are going to look at accessibility within the businesses.


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