Brighton explores creating outdoor skating rink (Details)


The municipality is looking into the possibility of gliding into the upcoming winter with an outdoor skating rink.

Council has asked staff to prepare a report on the likelihood and logistics of creating an outdoor ice pad/skating rink for the 2020-2021 season.

Brighton councillors Emily Rowley and Ron Anderson proposed the idea during a recent council meeting. Rowley initially shared how an outdoor rink could help fill the void in the community if King Edward Park Arena’s indoor ice pad was unable to open for reasons related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“There has been some conversation since we’ve put (this idea) out there that regardless of the fact that the ice is going into the arena, is it possible that we create an outdoor rink anyway,” Rowley said.

“I know years ago…many Winterfests we’d have one out back somewhere behind the arena. I’m wondering if it’s possible, or at least we could have staff look into that possibility.”

Rowley and Anderson said they recognize it would take time and likely money to have an ice rink come together “but if there’s enough time to do it, that’s what I think we should do,” Anderson said. ​

The report will cover location, costs and other issues that will impact it coming to fruition for the upcoming season, the mayor noted.

Parks and recreation director Jim Millar said last winter was the first year Brighton went without an outdoor rink and that was a result of weather challenges.

“I think we’ve always had an ice rink here,” Millar said.

He noted the rink has been in different locations and is largely dependent on the weather conditions but his department would prepare a report for council.


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