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Babyliss’ Affordable New Tool Helps You Create A ‘Faux-Blow’

Re-creating that in-salon freshly blow-dried look is notoriously hard. When drying hair from home, it can feel as though you need about six different arms to hold brushes, dryers, and other tools, and unless you’re highly skilled, it can often seem impossible. Babyliss’ new airstyler however, promises to bring that professional blowdry vibe to your home, and at only £60, it seriously delivers.

Already beloved by renowned celebrity stylist Syd Hayes, the Hydro-Fusion Air Styler uses ‘advanced plasma technology,’ which features a moisture-balancing dual ionic system to both hydrate hair and prevent frizz as you dry. Babyliss say that with this affordable tool, a ‘faux-blow’ (a salon-quality blowout done at home) is more possible than ever.

Hayes promises the tool is super easy to use, and shares these three simple steps for creating your blowdry:

  1. Step one, prep: “Firstly, prep the hair with a heat protectant to help create a barrier between your hair and the styler.”
  2. Step two, style & set: “Make sure you have tension on your hair when styling with the Hydro-Fusion Air Styler and finish with a shot of cold air. This will help to seal the cuticle of the hair shaft, preventing moisture getting into it and causing unwanted frizz.”
  3. Step three, finish: “Finally, rub a small amount of finishing cream between your palms before running them down sections of hair to smooth down those flyaways and hydrate your hair. Go for a non-greasy formula that still allows you to run your hands through easily, with no stickiness or stiffness.”

You can learn more about this tool, along with six more new beauty buys out this week (including a game-changing blusher, an ice face roller that’s actually affordable, and a spa-inspired diffuser), below.

Babyliss’ Affordable New Tool Helps You Create A ‘Faux-Blow’ Wire Services/ Bustle.


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